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Welcome to the taste-makers.

We have collected together a wide range of awesome music bloggers from around the UK, as it is the content on their individual websites that appears on our front page, ready for the public to vote on.


We are all about putting the music blogs at the heart of Musicrobot, so to the right you will be able to read about each blog that’s involved.


Each one of them has been hand-picked for involvement not only because they’re awesome, but because they are each recognized as established commentators on emerging music.

Too Many Sebastians Too Many Sebastians

Too Many Sebastians was formed in 2007. The blog is based in UK & Japan. It was initially just messing around, a way to share music with friends. It started to attract some attention around 2008 and we actually started to get emails from artists wanting their music posted. Around 2009, we got some advice (via shouting) from the man who created the Discodust blog and we kinda cleaned up the blogs act a little. A nice person wrote about us for Elle Magazine, another nice person mentioned us on the Rolling Stone website and we got asked to do a feature for The Japan Times once. Sometimes we are known for silly things like fighting with Mr.Oizo on twitter and getting a Triple J DJ to mention us while playing a Skrillex record. We also did a collaboation with Shinichi Osawa for his SO:2 Remixes album. 

Gold Flake Paint Gold Flake Paint

GoldFlakePaint is a Bristol-based music blog that began in early 2010 and its simple aim is to cover the bands and records that we love, and think/hope other people will love too. Genre and location are not important to us. We write honestly and passionately and we only cover stuff that we like, which is a pretty simple blueprint to follow; writing from the heart, if you will. We're a small but dedicated team and we present our coverage through reviews, interviews, special one-off features and acoustic sessions filmed in interesting places.

Crack In The Road Crack In The Road

Born out of monumental apathy and disheartening disillusion, Crack in the Road specialises in unearthing the finest new music from across all seven continents. Aiming to be the match that sparks the fire, CitR is known for it's passion, creativity and dashing good looks. Since it's understated inception, the blog has grown to be one of the UK's top sources for new music, striving to encourage people that the music should always be the sole reason behind and centre piece of blogging.


Cruel Rhythm Cruel Rhythm

More a musical scrapbook than traditional blog, Cruel Rhythm aims to unearth, collect and share the best new tracks, remixes and videos around and put them in one place. A focus on dance music has developed but nothing is out of bounds as long as it's great. Minimal waffle but loads of fantastic sounds.

Not Many Experts Not Many Experts

Not Many Experts is a Liverpool based new music blog that was founded in 2008. There are no complicated rules governing the approach taken, simply a philosophy that music blogging should be impartial, honest, irreverent, impassioned, concise, and backed up by the finest new music, regardless of genre. Expect new music in the mould of The xx, Phoenix, Beach House, Theme Park, Outfit, and Niki & The Dove, all of whom Not Many Experts has been a big supporter of.

The Recommender The Recommender

The Recommender started in March 2008 and has been updating its visitors several times each week ever since. With some well-researched, well-written editorial, we try to cover a wide range of genres, although very little in the way of jazz, urban, heavy rock and specialist dance genres, but almost everything else gets in, so long as it's awesome. For the last three years we've been asked to vote on the BBC 'Sound Of' poll and we’ve also been known to make regular appearances on BBC 6Music, or Amazing and Juice radio stations as a commentator on new music.

Dots And Dashes Dots And Dashes

Once upon a time, whilst wallowing deep in the precarious throes of a ludicrous state of inebriation the late, great James Brown slurred of looking good; smelling good; feeling good. Even making love good. And although we couldn't possibly attest to proffering certain things once said, Dots & Dashes strives to look good; sound good; make you feel, you know, alright at least. Joining the dots between conventional blog and online zine, we aim to bring reviews, interviews and extensive festival coverage to your more conventional blog format. Thus, as Frank Black once bellowed, gouge away. And indeed stay all day if you want to.

Drunken Werewolf Drunken Werewolf

DrunkenWerewolf is a strange sort of creature: part blog, part raging fiend on a street rampage in the name of all things good and holy. It covers interesting music with an innovative twist and frequently reaps the backlash. Its founder and editor Tiffany Daniels is based in Bristol and has ovaries, can regularly be found shouting on local and national radio stations and contributed to the Ladyfest 2012 line up. Expect honest critiques of new and established acts from Britain and around the world.

A New Band A Day A New Band A Day

On the A New Band A Day site you’ll find a new band a day for you to investigate and like each day. (That’s how we came up with the title of the blog. We’re not rocket scientists, you know.) We publish a simple mix of brand new bands, and new music writing.

We also have a core belief that there’s no merit in consistency. We try really hard to find new bands, and hope that you don't find the same bunch of bands here that you’ll find on a lot of other new music websites. Some will be great. Others might not be. We try to mostly find the former. We sometimes fail at this :)

Killing Moon Killing Moon

Killing Moon started life as a new music blog in January 2011 with a simple mission statement in mind - to not only amplify great new music to both industry and the world at large, but also to explain why each feature means something to the author, best exemplified in the regular Track Of The Day feature. So we're not very good journalists, really. However, we do have a pretty cool singles label, manage some acts, run a weekly radio show in London and monthly gig and festival promotions. So we're not all that bad after all.

Music Fans Mic Music Fans Mic

Music Fan's Mic is a UK-based new music publication. Founded in 2006 with the mere intention of re-publishing writer Jamie Milton's album reviews for other sites, it gradually amassed a team of bloggers before returning to its original form, with Jamie solely running the blog from 2011 onwards. Today it specialises in the genres of noise pop, lo-fi, dark pop & electronic, vowing to post songs from new talents or emerging acts only, from across the globe. 

The Blue Walrus The Blue Walrus

The Blue Walrus was founded in 2006 as a way to share my mixtapes and musical discoveries with the wider world online. Over the years we've added more writers, curated more mixtapes, put on live shows, and found more musical gems than I could have comprehended back then. Throughout all this, however, we have stayed true to sharing those musical gems from new or under-appreciated talent. And we've got tusks.

My Band's Better Than Your Band My Band's Better Than Your Band

My Band’s Better Than Your Band is the award-winning blog founded by Ollie Russian in 2009. Focusing on the hottest new acts across the UK and the rest of the world it is one of the go to blogs of the UK music industry. Consistently finding the best new music ahead of A&Rs and management, MBBTYB concentrates on the music, no interviews, no silly competitions, just great music and a lot of cutting remarks and sarcasm.  Its all about the music. Man.

Abeano Abeano

Abeano Music began in Spring 2008 to celebrate the best new music coming out of the UK and The Rest of The World. It has gone on to become an established commentator on emerging music online, winning in the Best Blog category at the Record Of The Day Awards 2011. Expect a multitude of updates, delivering lots of fresh new music, every single day.  

Breaking More Waves Breaking More Waves

Breaking More Waves is a fully independent purveyor of amazing new music in the blog form, based in the south coast city of Portsmouth. It was founded in 2008 by its sole author Robin Seamer. Expect almost daily posts, short discursive articles, sexual analogies, electropop, folk, indie, lots of female vocalists and whatever else takes our fancy. If music is the food of love Breaking More Waves will be your favourite waiter serving up tasty dishes to give you aural pleasure.

The Von Pip Musical Express The Von Pip Musical Express

The VPME is a mix of new music, interviews and reviews from the past, the present and the future! Brand new artists are featured alongside exclusive interviews with iconic artists such as the Jesus And Mary Chain, Lush and many more.  Established in 2007 The VPME has featured in the BT Music awards and the Record of the Day music journalism awards, coming runner up in 2009. Blog owner Andy Von Pip has been a member of ‘BBC’s Sound Of" taste-maker panel, appeared on BBC 6 Music, Amazing Radio and hosts a weekly show on cult U.S.  station "Strangeways Radio

Cougar Microbes Cougar Microbes

Cougar Microbes is a London based music site started by Boaz back in 2008. With a fierce loyalty to the British scene and a keen ear to what's going on globally, Cougar's roster of contributors hail from as far afield as Los Angles, Tel Aviv and Milan. The plan is simple: to feature an array of amazing releases and artists (past, present, old and new) with the goal of promoting them to anyone interested and anyone who stumbles across this site.

Song By Toad Song By Toad

An international mongrel who accidentally washed up in Edinburgh nearly seven years ago, Matthew recently abandoned a perfectly respectable career as a design engineer to run Song, by Toad Records full-time. The label is actually an off-shoot of Song, by Toad, a music blog he has been writing since 2004, which slowly expanded to include regular weekly podcasts, video sessions, a radio show, gig nights and, in 2008, the label. As these commitments grew, having a full-time job gradually became less and less realistic, and in Summer 2009 he took the leap and decided to make Song, by Toad his main gig. Whether or not this decision proves to be wise in the long run remains to be seen.

The Pigeon Post The Pigeon Post

Started in 2009, The Pigeon Post is a blog that has focused on highlighting the best in largely unheard talent to a wider audience. Based in Manchester, written by an unemployed man in a bedroom at his mothers, it largely features lo-fi, chillwave and blogxcore bands.

Real Horrorshow Real Horrorshow

Real Horrorshow Tunes is a blog that's been going since May 2008, initially set-up by Nathan Roberts. Always striving to post the best new music that genuinely interests us, rather than follow all those curves of hyperbole. Now in it's fifth year, the blog has been proud to be involved in a myriad of events across London as well as being part of the emerging talent blogger panel for Glastonbury and nominated for best blog by Record of the Day in 2011.

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